Saturday, August 17, 2013

Why You Should Use a Free Blogging Platform

I've written about why you should never use free blog platforms to host your blog.
You can read that post here.
Well here's the flip side: why you should consider a free blog hosted by a major platform provider.

Run, you fools!

There are some good reasons for ignoring my advice.

I ignore it because I use platforms such as Blogger and to generate ideas. These spaces are my drafting boards where I can work out what and how I want to communicate before posting on my business blog.
For me, there's a sense of freedom to be found away from my professional reputation that enhances my creativity and output. I don't have to be right all the time. I just have to write.

Will your blog be found?

There are a lot of bloggers out there. Drawing a massive audience to your blog - whether to your own domain name or via a free platform - is highly unlikely.
Think about it. How many blogs do you fanatically follow? Now consider how many blogs are waiting to be read. alone has 69,127,000 as of August 2013. (
Will your posts be found?

Barring good luck (I've discussed good luck here), your blog may just need the community that comes with being a part of Tumblr or Blogger. Users of these platforms have access to searches within the platform. has a Freshly Pressed page for new posts. Sometimes, going free may bring your blog a greater audience.

Does amateur mean unprofessional?

Are blogs hosted on free platforms any less professional than a blog hosted on your site? Take a look through the blogs hosted on Tumblr, Blogger, et al. There are some stunning posts featuring amazing images, thought-provoking copy and well laid-out design. And yes, there are some very shoddy blogs there, too. But bad blogs do not occur just on free platforms. There are some horrific business blogs that make me wonder how that business can attract attention. Professionalism is a mind set, not a URL.

Free blogging platforms provide a no-cost way to start blogging. They already have very large communities searching through them for great posts and it's possible to produce professional results using a mass template. Try one.

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