Monday, August 12, 2013

2 Things Every Writer Needs

Of course there aren't just two things that every writer needs. But there are two things that every writer needs to remember about being a writer.
  1. Writers write. This one is obvious. Doctors heal, Police serve and protect, Busdrivers drive... you get the picture. A writer writes.
  2. Writers get read... even if it's just for yourself. Writing doesn't exist just for itself. If your writing isn't being read, then I'm sorry but you're not a writer. Get out of the wagon - you're just dead weight and you're taking up the broadband I could be occupying.
Of course if you do want to be read then I bid you welcome. The happy fact is that there's enough audience for each of us.
Which brings us to the question of the day.
Who's reading your writing?

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